merry christmas

to be honest, this should have come some minutes ago, but a certain fluffy, brown-haired cupcake of mine needed attention.

… and apparently, i’m to dress as a santa claus for this lovely holiday. i can’t believe people thought i was available for this job. i have quite a valuable physique, thanks.

plot twist

in all reality, james wasn’t gone he was being locked up with bows for q

illustriousquartermaster messaged:
...I would really appreciate it if the first thing I saw on your page wasn't that unfortunate night with the vibrator.

Once again, this wasn’t my fault - you were, if I recall correctly, the one who made everything happen.

Anonymous messaged:
question for mun: i saw one of your replies where you said "hugs and kisses from asia" and OMG YOU'RE FORM ASIA? THATS SO COOL? where in asia?!!!?!

|| ohoho i live in NARNIA. c: ||

Anonymous messaged:
roses are red, violets are blue, jimmy-boo-berry i love you - ha! i made a poem! these gummy bears are great - oh Silva's next to me, i should ask him how he made them, i feel awesome!

… I think you need to lie down and take some bloody Advil, shortstop.

Anonymous messaged:
It's coming up to Christmas! So one of your followers has decided to leave you a message: Your Bond is fabulous. I adore writing with him and I adore reading your posts. I just, ugh. I'm a huge fangirl, and it's always an honour to roleplay with him! You are such a sweetie doll over ooc, too! Never change, never leave! <3 Happy Holidays!

|| fsdoijfsdofj thank you. <3 ||

Anonymous messaged:
What would you do if Q turned out to be a villain? Could you shoot him?


illustriousquartermaster messaged:
You are a perfect devil.

Oh, I know. You should, certainly, tell me something I don’t know.

illustriousquartermaster messaged:
Have dinner with me if convenient; if inconvenient, have dinner with me anyway.

You should really stop watching BBC Sherlock and get down to the bedroom, quartermaster.

illustriousquartermaster messaged:
I'm not hungry; let's have dinner.

Is this supposed to be a try at a pick-up line? I’m flattered, Q.